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Heart Punch Munitions

Asclepius TQ Carrier

Asclepius TQ Carrier

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Asclepius: God of Healing

Tourniquet (TQ) Carrier CAT Gen7

One of the most important items a Police Officer, Serviceman, Paramedic or backwoods hiker could carry is the Tourniquet. In the event that you or someone you’re with were to become seriously injured, having a tourniquet on hand could mean the difference between life and death. 

Built from the ground up, we decided to go with a two piece design, that secures with the use of shock cord. This allows us to provide a great deal of retention on an item that doesn’t have a lot of texture that we could explore as retention points. The Carrier also includes a lanyard cord lock to aid in additional retention if you decide the carrier needs to be tighter. 

The shock cord only comes in Red. Red is the universal color for medical and it stands out perfectly in our design.

*Please Note* 
* Our TQ carriers are tourniquet specific.
* Made from durable .080 thickness thermoplastic (Kydex) material.
* Vacuum formed on custom HPM in-house molds and hand cut
* Adjustable retention: HPM sets the retention prior to leaving the shop to our desired retention. However, everyone is different, Pull the cord and secure with lanyard lock.
* No two holsters, magazine carriers and TQ carriers are exactly alike. Each items are individually handcrafted.

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