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Heart Punch Munitions

Helios Sig Sauer

Helios Sig Sauer

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Full Hook & Loop

 Helios (Helius) God of the sun

Introducing Helios by Heart Punch Munitions – the ultimate Off Body Carry solution. With a standard holster upfront and an integrated flat back featuring Loop material, Helios ensures a discreet and secure fit inside your bag. Its unique design allows the holster to lay flat on any soft hook surface, providing easy accessibility with a simple attachment and firm pressure. Single point adjustable retention ensures your firearm stays secured within the holster. Elevate your concealed carry experience with Helios – where practicality meets innovation.

Bag options:

There are many big box companies that create discrete carry bags that are intended to be used with a Hook and Loop holster designs. However, there are advantages to making your own discrete bag as we did with our Lululemon bag. This is why we offer the entire Hook and Loop system as an option. The Loop portion includes industrial strength adhesive to attach to the inside of the bag you intend to use. Be advised some bags may need slight or heavy modifications made to it in order to function as you intended.

**Color Drop down:**  

Express Yo Self: For those who would like to create a custom print. If you select either “Express Yo Self" we will send you an email to discuss the details of the art/image.

*Please Note* 

* Our holsters are firearm specific.

* Made from durable .080 thickness thermoplastic (Kydex) material.

* Vacuum formed on custom HPM in-house molds and hand cut

* Adjustable retention: HPM sets the retention prior to leaving the shop to our desired retention. However, everyone is different, turn the screw clockwise to increase desired retention and counter-clockwise to reduce the retention.

* No two holsters and magazine carriers are exactly alike. Each holster and magazine carrier are individually handcrafted.

* All holsters are designed to fit factory equipped firearms. Most suppressor height sights will fit the holsters sight channeling.

* Most holsters feature the RMR cut. The RMR cut, has been tested on Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507 and Vortex Viper. Most Reflex sights fall within that size range, they should work with our RMR cut. However if you’re running a Aimpoint ACRO P-1 optic, that may not fit the cut as we have not tested the fitment.

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