Our Story

Like most holster builders, I started with the need for a holster that would meet my needs. I wanted a holster that would be comfortable enough to wear all day, conceals well and aids in providing a clean consistent draw to get me into the fight if need be. So I started looking. This company, that company, nice holster here, nice holster there. For me, I felt I would get the most out of designing my own holster. At the end of the day, there's nothing better then creating your own.

I started researching, reading forums, reading technical data on the Kydex. Ordered a few sheets, broke out the toaster oven, built a foam press and I was on my way. Several months went by, eventually I reached the crossroads that I believe every builder reaches. Do I continue to foam press or do I make the leap and invest in vacuum pressing? I decided to go to vacuum press. What do I do for molds? Do I purchase molds and look like everyone else or do I develop a way to create my own. So I did and I made my first actual holster. 

Shortly after, my brother who’s also a Law Enforcement officer, requested that I make him one. With his input the holsters began to evolve, my testing pool of officers began to grow. From there the requirements that the holsters needed to meet grew. It was then I decided to start Heart Punch Munitions. A company that is focused on providing a product that has been tested by the toughest men and women I could find. Our holsters have been tested by LEO’s at the local, state and federal levels. In the desert climate of North Las Vegas, Nevada to the humidity of Savana, Georgia. We are happy to provide you a product that’s created with a conscience and confidence.