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-ARES Glock 17/22 black

Check out @ClickPop2A for his thoughts on our Ares holster



Perfect product. Does as advertised, allows me to secure the Olight Mini 2 to my G43X MOS.


QDS TQ Carrier

Instagram Video done on @ClarkandHarris IG Page

-ClarkandHarris Training Group.


Ordered not expecting much. Works perfectly, way better than I expected.


Nemesis S/A Hellcat Black

Works great, conceals nicely with minimal footprint. Quality of the holster is just as you would expect from the bigger holster companies.


Artemis G43X MOS Black w/ RK43X

Thank you for the great products and quick shipping. I did round the straight edges on the RK43X with my Dremel for a slightly rounded finish. Don't get me wrong, it was perfect as is. Thank you again for the products.


Artemis G43X MOS Black w/ RK43X LH

RK43X work exactly as advertised, super happy. I ordered the RK43 separate from the holster. When the holster arrived, the whole package came to gather perfectly. No printing and fits smoothly, clips are high quality. Appreciate the great work!


Zeus W/Tek Lok Glock 17 W/OL PL3 Black

Zeus W/Tek Lok Canik Executive W/OL Balder Pro Coyote Brown

It's been difficult trying to find a holster for my Canik and your Zeus holster fits like a glove! Glock holster is perfect as well. Thank you


Artemis: Sig P365 -XMacro Black

A big thank you to @heart_punch_munitions for my custom holster for my Sig P365 XMacro. It's light weight, slim, and comfortable to wear. I love this thing. Thanks again, Brother. I appreciate it.


Ares: Walther PDP-F Black

Thank you for the holster! Great holster, I love it!


Zeus: G17 Olight Valkyrie Coyote Brown Carbon Fiber

I freaking Love it! Great product, you and your team rule!



Great product works as advertised . Very happy that I am able to use my OLIGHT MINI ON MY weapon.Thanks for you and your teams help and for this product. 


Artemis: G17 custom Boba Fett print over Storm Gray

Just opened up my new holster from @heart_punch_munitions. Man it came out so good. Tried it on, feels and functions great, very impressed. Rich went above and beyond expectations making what I requested. Thank you very much.


Nemesis OWB: S/A Hellcat Micro custom Unity Tree on carbon fiber

Looks great, the finish on the edges, the color is perfect. Retention is perfect, no wiggle or rattle between my gun and the holster. Rich did a great job.


Zeus: S/A XD9 TLR1 LV Camo print

-Great retention, Smooth pulls, Goes back into holster smooth and of course looks great.


Artemis: Canik TP9 Olight Baldr Pro Black

I will grade it on a 5-star (★★★★★) scale for Concealment, Comfort, Retention, Re-Holstering, Adjustability and Quality.

Concealment - ★★★★★ Now I am rotund or shall we say full-figured and tall. I was concerned my belly would push on it enough to leave a significant imprint, but it was minimal considering my circumference. I am pleased.I would feel comfortable recommending this product to the heavy hitters out there.

Comfort - ★★★★☆ I feel like if I went vegan for 6 months this would feel more comfortable, so I did not fault you because my love handles roll over the side when the weapon is not holstered in it while I am sitting and typing.With the weapon holstered, no fat overlapping, and it is comfortable. I could wear it all day. I guess I am not likely to be sitting around typing if I need to unholster it in public. I took a star because it is made feel bad about my stomach.

Retention - ★★★★★ That 'sumgun' in there when it is holstered. Very snug fit. I do not feel like it is going to go anywhere. It is still easy to retrieve if necessary. I was wondering if it could be safely loosened or tightened if needed?

Re-Holstering -★★★☆☆ It may be me, it may be my belly, it may be the snug fit, but reholstering is fairly difficult. It is not impossible, but I have to really look at what I am doing and use two hands. This is my first EDC-type IWB holster, so I may just be a noob. I also spent 24 years in the military so I may just be used to the cloth-type non-formed holsters I used back then.

Adjustability - ★★★★★ I can put it anywhere on my belt I want. Not much more to say on that.Product 

Quality - ★★★★☆ You are the first custom holster I received. I bought one for my other Canik from Legacy FireArms but it has not gotten here yet. So you get a thumbs up for being quick and responsive. As far as quality, you are setting the bar and I docked a star because of the alignment. I wonder if the rubbing will be an issue over time.  We shall see.

Overall Score - ★★★★☆ I like the product. It does what it says it will do, I think it will last me for the use I will give it, a few times a month when I go to the range. I want to see more companies like yours succeed. If I had known about you in the beginning, I would have bought both from you. If you create any more products or get into bulk ammo sales, let me know. I am thinking about getting a few ARs eventually and a good sling is a must for a rifle and a rifle without bullets is just an expensive bat.

-M. Peacock

Nemesis: Glock 43X Black

Awesome customer service. I messaged Rich on IG, within minuets he responded to answer all of my questions. I placed my order and it was shipped in seven days. I thought the product would be crap due to the fast shipping. Most holster companies are 6 weeks out, but I was very surprised with the quality of this holster. Fits my G43X perfectly, finished nicely and as I said before, great customer service. Will be ordering from Rich again.


Nemesis: Sig P365 NRA Edition custom painting print

Holster arrived today. Thank you. Fits my gun well. Only a little disappointed in the color I selected.


Custom small of the back build Desert Tan Sig P365XL NRA Edition with SF XSC

Told you I’ll be ordering again from Rich. This holster is as perfect as my first one. He maintained the quality I expected to receive along with the security. This time I asked for the holster to be able to transition between small of the back and right hand carry. He gave me just that, I’m impressed but, not surprised. Rich takes pride in his work and I’ve been recommending him to anyone I can.


Custom small of the back build Black Kel-Tec

I’m not big on writing reviews so I’ll keep it short. Excellent holster, one of the best if not the best in quality. Retired LE and I wish I had his product while conducting plain clothes ops.


Nemesis OWB Sig P365 Louis Vuitton print Tek-Lok

Very nice holster and stylish. Thank you the craftsmanship.


Custom small of the back build Black

Perfect holster. I contacted Rich, explained to him that I needed a small of the back holster for right hand draw. I carry a Springfield Champion 4 inch. Rich took my request and ran with it. Not only did he deliver a nicely finished holster but, it looked great. Fit and finish was perfect, draw is smooth as I expected and it secures nice. Thank you, I'll be ordering again.


Ares Glock 17/22 LV Camo custom print

Don't hesitate! Order a holster from Rich at Heart Punch. I ordered a holster for my Glock 17 in Louis Vuitton Camo print and man, he snapped on the design, I absolutely love it. When I received the holster, retention was a little tight but, I quickly adjusted the retention and its perfect. Also I ordered my holster expecting to get the holster in 3 weeks, it was delivered and in my hands in 10 days. 


Evocatus Dual Magazine Carrier Black

Rich has excellent communication, any question I asked he responded within the hour and sometimes within minutes of sending my message. The product I ordered is great. You can really see he takes his time and enjoys building his products. With a well crafted product and excellent customer service, I'll be ordering again.


Hades CZ P10-C Black W/Red Flex Connector

I absolutely love this holster, it's super comfortable. I have no trouble getting in and out of the car or just sitting down. I damn near forget that I have it on. Definitely 5 out of 5 Stars.


Ares Smith and Wesson M&P/2.0 Police Blue-

I am SO excited. The purchase was seamless. My customizations were NO problem for them. The price is right. What a great product! I will be ordering again when I purchase my weapon light.


Ares Canik TP9 SFX Elite Custom Taco Print-

I absolutely love this holster! To start, the customer service was incredible which made it such an easy process in regards to knowing what holster to get for the weapon that I have. The custom print that I wanted is fun and silly, but Heart Punch Munitions brought it to life. I have a full size weapon, and the fit is perfect! I even installed a large mag release, but the holster does not compromise it at all. I use this IWB everyday. From wearing jean pants, to loose flowing basketball shorts, it stays put right where I need it, and leaves me confident that if I ever need to draw the weapon, I can do so smoothly. It sits snug in the holster and there are no rattles or loose areas. I have no concern for damaging my red dot, as the holster sits perfectly around it. The holster itself is durable and made of tough material. I definitely recommend Heart Punch Munitions holsters, from a simple tactical color/print, to the custom fun and silly ideas like mine, this holster is awesome.

-B. Pratt

Handcuff Case Black w/HPM Bridge and Fomi-

I purchased a single handcuff case with the HPM Bridge & FOMI clip a couple of months ago. I bought this to replace a leather "bikini" style cuff case I've been using for the last few years. I work in a plain-clothes capacity and I was concerned it would not conceal well due to how wide it was, but I was definitely wrong. I carry this in a pretty untraditional way. I carry OWB, but with the cuff case inside my belt line. Using this carry method, not only does it conceal incredibly well under as little as a t-shirt, it is extremely comfortable. 

I lent the cuff case to a partner so he could try. And before the end of his first shift wearing it, he ordered one as well. 

In addition to how much I like this cuff case, I'm really impressed with the craftsmanship. You can tell HPM puts a lot of effort into putting out a quality product. 

Another great selling point I feel is often overlooked; communication. I had a few questions about their product lines prior to ordering. HPM replied quickly and answered all of my questions. Sounds normal, right? But,  majority of this conversation happened around 11pm after I got off work. I did not expect to hear back for a few days, let alone that quickly and that late. 

Prior to my current careerpath, I worked in the firearms retail industry for about a decades I've met more than a few "local kydex company" that care more about quantity over quality. It's refreshing to have found a company that puts such effort into every aspect of the business. 

I wouldn't hesitate to order anything from HPM. Thanks for the awesome product and service! 

-Kirk Owner Self Reliance Training

Hera Colt King Cobra .357 Custom Lion King print-



Ares FN509 Custom Print-

My wife purchased me a holster with a matching magazine carrier as a surprise gift. I wanted something custom and unique, I told Rich at Heart Punch Munitions what I was looking for. What I didn't know was he was working with my wife behind my back to create this masterpiece. All in all, I couldn't be more happy, he also engraved my wife and I's saying inside of the holster as a plus for my birthday from the Heart Punch Team. I will be ordering from them again.

-K Holla

Ares Canik TP9 Black, Athena Canik TP9 x2 Black and Storm Gray, Nemesis S/A 3.0 Armor Black Carbon Fiber-

I Purchased 4 holsters from Heart Punch Munitions all of which were excellent in quality. I was extremely impressed with the two Athena holsters I ordered. Both holsters were identical, perfect. Fit and finish was consistent throughout all 4 holsters I ordered. Very well made, thank you.


Handcuff Case Black w/HPM Bridge and Fomi-

Great handcuff case, secures well. I have recommended this company to my colleagues.


HPM Dump Tray Tiffany Blue-

A rule in my house is the kids have to turn over their phones at night. This dump tray is a perfect place for my children to put their cellphones. Thanks!


Zeus XDM Elite 3.8 Black-

Finally got my new custom holster. Sh!t came out dope, now time to take it to the gun range and put some rounds through it thanks to Heart Punch Munitions.


Nemesis P365 Custom Louis Vuitton Print-

I follow several women-based ccw groups on FB and ig and someone recommended your company in a chat on one of those sites. So glad I checked it out! Love the holster, thank you!


Nemesis P365 Custom business name Print-

One word. Fire


Nemesis P365 Custom Print-

It's Great! Looks nice and feels great.


Ares Glock 17 Custom Print-

Love the holster, fits perfect. Thank you so much


Nemesis S&W M&P Shield Black-

This holster is well made. Mine is for the M&P Shield 9mm and it came perfectly molded.


2 Ares Taurus G2C Purple and Black-

Ordered his/her holsters for my wife and I. Both holsters are identical to each other, craftsmanship is perfect. Glad I ordered from Heart Punch, I will order again.