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                                         Kydex colors and Custom Prints 

                                                                                                  *Colors may vary due to your screens color contrast.*

*Information: Hover over the image to gather name and Kydex color. If image says "Over Any Color" then what's black in the image will remain black and the color portion can be changed.

When ordering a custom print or one of a kind replica of my mother's paintings, please be advised portions of the print/painting will be removed during the holster making process*

*Our Images are infused into the Kydex material through sublimation, making it virtually impossible for the images to fade or wash away.*

Standard Colors:

BlackBlizzard WhiteBlood RedBubblegumCoyote BrownJadeOlive DrabPurple HazePolice BlueStorm Gray

Carbon Fiber Colors:

Black Carbon FiberBlizzard White Carbon FiberBlood Red Carbon FiberBubblegum Carbon FiberCoyote Brown Carbon FiberJade Carbon FiberOlive Drab Carbon FiberPolice Blue Carbon FiberPurple Haze Carbon FiberStorm Gray Carbon Fiber

MCAM Prints: (Prints Are Arctic White On The Backside)


HPM Summertime prints: (Prints are arctic white on the backside. HPM watermark will not be present)

Hawaiian Paradise PDWExotic Tropics PDWTropical Blackout PDW

Infused Prints:

Damassé (Over any color)Warp (Over Any Color)Clashing Waves (Over Arctic White)Louis Vuitton (Over Storm Gray)Louis Vuitton (Over Coyote Brown)Marble (Over Any Color)Grunge (Over Any Color)Beskar (Over Any Color)Poppy Seeds (Over Coyote Brown)Tiger Camouflage