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SKU: RK43X-RK43X-I-AGREE-to-the-Production-Time-of-1-3-WEEKS

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Artemis Glock 43X 48 MOS

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RK43X: Rail Key 43X

When the Glock 43X MOS was release, it was released with a proprietary rail. Forcing the user into two different lights. The Streamlight TLR 7 Sub and the Surefire XSC. While both are excellent lights, made by very reputable companies, what if you didn’t have the extra funds to shell out for one of these $150.00 plus options? What if you had another light that’s very capable, produced by an upon and coming company. That would make for an even smaller package just laying around?  Here at Heart Punch Munitions, we wanted to provide the public with another option. So we developed RK43X. 

RK43X is a slim, tight fitting, extremely light weight rail key. RK43X allows for the user to attach an OLight PL Mini 2 Valkyrie to the existing G43X MOS tac rail. 

Installing directions:

Simply slide the RK43X onto the tac rail of the 43X. Attach the OLight PL Mini 2 Valkyrie. Once seated, push the locking mechanism forward, push the light to the rear towards the trigger guard and lock into place. The OLight bezel should be even with the barrel of the 43X.

Material specs and Testing information:

It is printed in PLA+. We decided to print the RK43X in PLA+ due to it's reliability, durability and allows us to provide this to the public as a low cost option. After six (6) months of testing. We’ve fired over 400 rounds to test the security of the light, tested the RK43X in 110+ degree Las Vegas summer temperatures, removed and re-attached the light and have conducted 300 draws from our Artemis A/IWB holster. We’re happy to report we’ve experienced zero issues regarding the durability and security of the RK43X. Even with these impressive results, the RK43X should be considered an expendable item that may need replacing eventually.