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SKU: Hades-CZ-CZ-P-10-Additional-Standard-Colors-5-00-Additional-Standard-Colors-5-00-Black-Quick-Clip-Overhook-I-AGREE-to-the-Production-Time-of-1-3-WEEKS

Hades (Hay’deez): God of the Underworld

Hades is our dedicated appendix holster with an additional magazine carrier attached via our Flex Connector. Utilizing the Flex Connector, this allows the holster to form to the natural curvature of your body, increasing comfort and reducing the curvature bulk seen with most fixed style sidecar style holsters. The integrated low-vis concealment wing aids in concealing your firearm without forcing the attached magazine carrier outwards away from the body. Hades moves with you while providing the stability, durability and consistency you’ve grown to love from our holsters.

**Color Drop down:**  Express Yo Self is for those who would like a custom print. This color option also applies to our custom prints (LV, Doughnuts, Marvel, Etc) listed in our Kydex Colors and Custom Prints section.  PLEASE ENTER THE DESIRED PRINT INTO THE "NEED TO LEAVE US A NOTE" SECTION OF YOUR ORDER. If you would like to have a custom print designed (PLEASE LEAVE THAT SECTION BLANK)  we will contact you to discuss the art/image you would like on your holster.If you are purchasing a Nemesis holster. Keep in mind, the Nemesis is made for the smaller, conceal carry driven firearms making it a fairly small holster. Repeating patters usually work best, so keep that in mind when envisioning the print. 

**When choosing one of the colors listed below. Please ADD the desired color in the "NEED TO LEAVE US A NOTE" section of the order****

*Additional Colors Available:*

Battleship Gray

Blood Red

Coyote Brown

Desert Tan


Hot Pink


Olive Drab

Police Blue

Purple Haze

Tiffany Blue

*Carbon Fiber Colors Available:*

Armor Black Carbon Fiber 

Battleship Gray Carbon Fiber

*Please Note* 

* Our holsters are firearm specific.

* Made from durable .080 thickness thermoplastic (Kydex) material.

* Vacuum formed on custom HPM in-house molds and hand cut

* Adjustable retention: HPM sets the retention prior to leaving the shop to our desired retention. However, everyone is different, turn the screw clockwise to increase desired retention and counter-clockwise to reduce the retention.

* No two holsters and magazine carriers are exactly alike. Each holster and magazine carrier are individually handcrafted.

* All holsters are designed to fit factory equipped firearms. Most suppressor height sights will fit the holsters sight channeling.

* Most holsters feature the RMR cut. The RMR cut, has been tested on Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507 and Vortex Viper. Most Reflex sights fall within that size range, they should work with our RMR cut. However if you’re running a Aimpoint ACRO P-1 optic, that may not fit the cut as we have not tested the fitment.