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Evocatus Bullets Forward

Evocatus Bullets Forward

SKU: BFMC-Evocatus-Bullets-Forward-Magazine-Carrier-Double-Stack-9-40-Black-Combat-Loop-10-00-I-AGREE-to-the-Production-Time-of-1-3-WEEKS

Evocatus Bullets Forward Magazine Carrier

Designed for double stack 9/40 magazines. Magazines are secured with the bullets facing forward (away from the body), ideal for LEO’s, Military and armed security. Single adjustable retention point in the center of the Evocatus secures multiple manufacturers magazines (CZ, Canik, Beretta, Glock, S&W and Sig). Built to be secure, durable and rugged. The Evocatus BF is a great addition to any duty belt set up.

*Please Read*

*Made from .08 Kydex

*Virtually universal double stack magazine compatibly

*TeK Lok, Combat Loop (Dots) and Molle Lok attachments available

*Color selected will be the front of the carrier, the rear will be standard Black*