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Cronus Glock

Cronus Glock

SKU: cronus-glock-17-22-black-safariland-ubl-30-00-i-agree-to-the-production-time-of-1-3-weeks

Cronus (Kronos): King of the Titanes, God of Time.

Tested by multiple police departments and HRT Hotel Security Divisions. We are proud to releaseCronus, our level 2 duty holster. Built out of .93 Kydex, Cronus is a designed to handle the abuse and to last. Comes standard with RDS Cut, Suppressor Height Sight Compatibility, Open Muzzle Design, Two(2) point adjustable retention and Safariland/Blade-Tech bolt on pattern. Paired with the Speed Lock Retention System (Gen 2) allowing for secured closed retention. The smooth action thumb release activates the spring-loaded hood allowing for the handgun to be immediately drawn as soon as the grip is secure.

*Please Note* 

* Our holsters are firearm specific.

* Made from durable .093 thickness thermoplastic (Kydex) material.

* Vacuum formed on custom HPM in-house molds and CNC cut

* Adjustable retention: HPM sets the retention prior to leaving the shop to our desired retention. However, everyone is different, turn the screw clockwise to increase desired retention and counter-clockwise to reduce the retention.

* No two holsters and magazine carriers are exactly alike. Each holster and magazine carrier are individually handcrafted.

* All holsters are designed to fit factory equipped firearms. Most suppressor height sights will fit the holsters sight channeling.

* Most holsters feature the RMR cut. The RMR cut, has been tested on Aimpoint Acro P2, Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507, 508T and Vortex Viper. Most Reflex sights fall within that size range, they should work with our RMR cut.